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Fatbirder Now Hosts Trip Reports

An increasing number of Fatbirder users have been coming to me to find where they can put their trip reports for others to benefit from. It seems that some large repositories are defunct and many others out of date or difficult to use.

So I decided to host reports on one of my own websites and link to them from fatbirder.

Of course, if you have your own website then that is the best place for your reports. If you took a trip with a tour company ask them if they will host a report for you. But if you cannot find anywhere then mail me!

As much as I would love to be able to add the reports and photos direct I simply do not have time... so I ask that you first create the report as a pdf file. This can be done quite easily from a Word or similar file and for free - a quick Google search will show you how. Then mail me the pdf along with your name, the trip report destination and the month and year it took place and I will add it to my Anytime Tours website [ ] and link to that from the appropriate Fatbirder page.

Fatbirder remains committed to bringing you the best up-to-date information for birders all over the world!

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